Monday, October 14

Good Things

With visits from our parents there always come good things.  With my parents came pumpkins and squash from the farm, apples for a tasting and lots of time to play games.  With Jim's parents came lots of delicious take-out (oh, I love take-out on so many levels now that I'm responsible for cooking and cleaning, and we don't have the budget to ever indulge on our own), lattes, and outings.  It was a fun break from our everyday rhythms and the boys loved having extra spectators at their soccer games.  Good times indeed!

If you have never tried an apple tasting I highly recommend it.   When tasted one after another it is always amazing to me the variety of texture and taste 'apples' have.   I remember doing these with my parents as a child and still love trying all the varieties (Mom and Dad are really good at finding new varieties of apples.)

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