Saturday, March 16

At the End of the Race?

The past months have felt like a long distance race.  We've been looking ahead, not seeing the end of the race, but making goals and plodding forward.  One application and connection after another...

But now, all of a sudden, Jim is flying off to interviews, we're attempting to picture life in different locations across the globe, and there seems to be daily, sometimes hourly, news on job prospects (and news of a thesis that will be published!)  It feels a bit crazy after all these months of waiting with only wisps of hope on the horizon to suddenly feel like the finish line is coming into focus.    

I am so excited to find a home, dig our cloth diapers out of storage, cook in my own kitchen, hang a clothes line, plan a garden and organize books and toys.  I keep getting lost in thinking about these things, when really there are so many other steps that need to happen first (like an actual job offer and finding our home). But, the reality is we are getting close and it feels so good!

And part of what feels good, is an excitement about sharing in this space the liturgy of our life and home again.  I've always known that living liturgically was something this space is about, but between reading Desiring the Kingdom and struggling to write here in our uprooted state, I've realized that the desire to think about what it means to liturgically practice the kingdom in order to form our desires, is why this space really exists.  And, I do hope to write more on these thoughts and share some thoughts from James Smith's book Desiring the Kingdom, but for now, I'll be keeping you updated when decisions are made and sharing the glimpses I can find of the extra ordinary in this time.

*Note to self: must get the auto focus fixed on my camera, they are in constant motion!


Joy said...

So excited for the finish line showing up in the near future for you guys!! That's really encouraging to hear. I can't wait to find out where you end up. And congrats to Jim for the thesis getting published! Also, I can't believe how old (and ridiculously adorable!) little Isaac is. Wish we could hang out with you guys some time soon. :( Keep us informed!

Holly said...

Hooray! We know - very well - the longing for a "finish line" of job/home/roots. So glad there is so much hope of that coming to fruition for you. Looking forward to hearing what is in store for you!

Haley said...

Emily, I've been reading your blog for a while now (found you through Corey T.) and always enjoy everything you write. Thanks!

Being in transition is always so hard, but (as you know) part of the beauty of liturgy and tradition is that it keeps you rooted wherever you may be. May it keep you rooted as you prepare to uproot!

EricaG said...

Praying that the plan become visible soon! I can't wait to read about your new adventures. ~Erica