Thursday, March 28

Marching into Holy Week (a few days ago)

 Don't mind the late post, I've just accepted the fact that I'm not going to have certain things organized until we are settled.  With the thought of a new home looming, I'm getting more creative motivation in the past couple weeks.  (You can expect news on where we are headed by next week, we're down to two offers we are deciding between and are 90% sure of where we are headed.  And if you think you can't wait to know... I can't either! :o)

Anyway, my mom gave me a yard of fabric in the fall and I immediately knew that it was meant for palm sunday.  A boutique with a base of purple (for lent) and a fern/leaf pattern that reminded me of palms, it was perfect.  I originally wanted the boys to use fabric markers and inlay a table runner with their art work of the triumphal entry, but decided on a simple underlay (mostly because I can't find my fabric markers... maybe they are in storage?)  It is simple, two layers of fabric with a bit of machine quilting to give a bit of interest.  I also cut out new robes and palms from fabric and felt.  We've lost quite a few over the years (I made our first ones here).

We had a bigger Jerusalem Sunday and the little red truck is a later addition, but I always love to see the interacting with the Biblical story and their here-and-now play; melding the sacred and their daily life.  Yes, when the story has been played with and even added too, I am glad; scripture is not fragile and they are discovering that these stories are for them.  And I am discovering that these stories are indeed forming their imaginations and that makes a mama's heart very grateful indeed!


Laura Wingard-Plank said...

Love this! Liliana was so taken with the Palm Sunday story this year that just today, I was wondering if I could somehow make a Jesus figure to ride our Holztiger donkey but it never occurred to me that little robes and palms could be cut out for Him to ride over--what a splendid idea! And congrats on the job offers!

EricaG said...

Happy Easter! I'm so happy to hear about the job offers. I'm look forward to your big reveal!

Holly said...

Just saw the job news on fb. Happy for you guys!! Congrats!!