Saturday, February 16

Saturday Baseball

Here's what we are doing on Saturdays right now... and any other day in our backyard if the boys can find a parent or grandparent willing to play!  

I think one of the most surprising parts of parenting is how these little men's interest teach me so much about subjects I would never have cared about otherwise.  Dinosaurs, Trains, Construction Vehicles, Baseball... I search library shelves, read non-fiction books, and find myself learning little tid-bits here and there.  And sports take it to another level, because not only am I learning about the game, while watching Jonah bat, I care so very much about how (at least that portion of) the game goes!    Not to mention that outfitting him was an education of its own... three trips to the sports store later later I finally had trousers that fit, long white socks, sliding pants and a red belt (those accessories - I didn't realize how important they are!) 

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