Thursday, February 21

Mrs. Noodlekugel

I love it when we happen across a wonderful story and all fall in love with it.  Tuesday, I was wondering around the children's section of the library, pushing a buggy full of a bouncy 'I'd rather be pulling books off the shelves' one-year-old and the older boys were somewhere in the section engrossed in their own discoveries.  As I wandered, I walked down the aisle of tween books noticing the Magic Tree House Series, The A to Z mysteries, Cynthia Rylant's lovely books for this age, The Littles... all series this family has explored and devoured multiple times, when all of a sudden a book we haven't read caught my eye.  I'd read the hornbook reviews and was excited to see Mrs. Noodlekugel by Daniel Pinkwater.  I grabbed it and threw it into the back of the buggy that was already heaped with books (yes, we are that homeschooling family that always has our cards maxed out - some of the looks I get from people in line at the library are priceless!)  

Anyway, when we arrived home Jonah discovered the book quickly and read it, but the real fun was reading this silly story with Rowan yesterday.  It is a chapter book, but one you can easily read in a single sitting.  A  talking cat, scampering mice cookies and a sweet old lady in a cottage in the middle of the city all made me smile and my sweet-and-silly boy giggle.  And when we finished the book, with all that talk of ginger mice cut with toothpicks and ginger blobs, we just had to make some of our own.  Of course, we didn't have four blind mice to lay on our dough to trace around and Rowan was a bit disappointed when they didn't scamper into our back garden, but perhaps that is all for the best, because they were really tasty.  

(We used the ginger cookie recipe from Apples for Jam - they are so yummy with a hot drink!  We freehanded mice with toothpicks and definitely had more ginger blobs, than ginger mice.)
Books! I've shared about my love of children's literature (that predates having children) before and my New Years Resolution for 2013 was to blog on at least one book a month.  Mostly because I love it when others share about great books their reading.  So here is February's book.  What are you reading?

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