Friday, February 15

Being Grateful Right Now

I haven't been sharing much of our job search process in this space.  It has been an intentional choice as there are too many variables and sometimes it all feels raw and a bit surreal.  There are options in Europe and some in the states... and those are all over the states.  So we have no idea where we will be next year.  We continue to wait on the path we are to follow to become clear.  And I feel more confident with the passing of time and interviews and other tasks, that whatever we are to be doing next year will soon become clear.  

While the boys were at choir last night Jim and I shared a coffee and talked about life right now (it was his 31st birthday after all).  And we both agreed, that despite all the uncertainty in the journey right now, we like our thirties.  We finally we feel confident in what we want to do (in a general sense) and feel prepared to begin.   Jim's 31st birthday was full of little boys; little boys making cakes, icing them, stealing sprinkles when they thought mummy wasn't looking, giving daddy Legos (which they promptly began to assemble for him), reading Calvin and Hobbs and becoming covered with mascarpone frosting.  There is something sweet about the reality of right now and I don't want to loose this time looking ahead to what is next.  It is a daily struggle right now, I am so ready to be settled, so I keep reminding myself to be grateful right now.

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