Thursday, February 14

On Valentines Day

We had a quiet Valentines day.  Valentines awaited us at the breakfast table, then some valentine activities (thank you pintrest!) and a quick trip to the park.

I think my favorite part of Valentines day so far, was trying these little trousers on Ike.  I made them a week or two ago, but couldn't think what to wear with them (I have in my mind the exact little white shirt, but am not willing to buy one).  But, as they seemed perfect for a holiday that loves red, I figured something out this morning.  

They are the Huck Finn pants from Weekend Sewing
with an added pocket. (The same as Rowan's Chicken Trousers.)   I love my stack of Mona Luna fabrics, so I'm trying to find ways to use bitty bits so I won't use up the fabric on any one project, thus the pocket.  These trousers are so quick to sew and I love the little flare - perfect summer (or if you live in Texas - anytime) trousers.

This is my boy, easy to smile and quick to laugh.  So sweet and busy! (14 months)
It has been funny to have a feast day today and yesterday was Jim's birthday, so aside from a wonderful Ash Wednesday service we attended as a family last night I'm not feeling quite ready to prepare for the mystery of Easter... not yet.

Oh, and a lent banner... I'll get on that soon - I hope!

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Jenny said...

Oh my he is so big and his pants are so sweet.