Sunday, July 29

Sunday at L'Abri

Sundays are begun with a delicious community breakfast.  Often there are orange rolls or sweedish coffee bread - YUM!  At eleven o'clock there is a chapel service of sorts - mostly a Bible lecture.   Jim has taught Sunday morning a couple times since we've been here.  We were doing godly play with the boys in the basement of Farrel house (where the bible study is) before Jim broke his leg.

Sunday afternoons are off and High Tea (dinner) isn't until seven.  It is a quiet day and we've worked hard to keep it a somewhat restful day.
Last Sunday was the final day of term (the students had to leave by Monday morning).  So High Tea was moved to lunchtime and was followed by a talent show.  Jonah signed up to read a poem and I was fully prepared to encourage him, but also to support him if he backed out.  I mean doing something in front of thirty adults is a big deal right?!  But, when it was his turn he marched right up there, explained in great detail where the poem was from (the book Dinotopia) and went on to say it was okay if they didn't understand it all.  "Even I don't understand it all.  There is this phrase "Breath deep, seek peace." [which is the refrain of the poem] and I don't know what it means, but I think it is about friendship."  He then read the poem with expression looking out at his audience with total confidence.  Oh, the mama pride!  I may have even had a tear in my eye by the end.  Goodness these little ones steal your heart!


Lisa said...

uway to go, jonah! dinosaurs rock! dylan and i wish we could have heard your recitation of the dinosaur poem. miss you!

suewatkins said...

Papa and I can't wait to hear the dinosaur poem! I bet the poem is very interesting, we love you Jonah.

Laura Wingard-Plank said...

You are amazing, Jonah, and I hope you can recite your poem for us when you come to Grandma's! It sounds so fun to listen to.