Monday, July 30

Life in Switzerland Means...

:: Lots of wildflower picking

:: Views like this

:: Meals of Bread and Cheese

:: Lots of Yummy chocolate

:: Wonderful hikes ::

:: your neighbors use sheep to cut their grass because the yard is so steep ::

:: Delicious Milk ::

:: The Sound of Cow Bells ::

Yes, life in Switzerland means that beauty and yumminess are abundant!


Jenny said...

Oh it looks wonderful!

Laura Wingard-Plank said...

I am all teary-eyed because it all looks so wonderful--like such an enchanted world and thusly an enchanted life! I'm so glad that my dear sister has been able to adventure in such an amazing country with such studpendous views and delicious food and beautiful flowers! And how cool is drinking "Heidi" milk!!!?!!!