Monday, June 25

The Great Green Growing Time

With the entrance of summer green is all around us.  The snow caps on the mountains are shrinking and the cows are moved higher and higher in the mountains to fresh alpine pastures.  The trees are full and verdant, and the plants are big enough, that a peak at the garden gives the impression of green.  Yes, it feels right that we are now in the longest stretch of time in the church year - ordinary time.  The color for ordinary time is green and I can't think of this time apart from the godly play phrase "the great green growing" time.

As much as I love the church feasts and holidays, I do believe that ordinary time is my favorite time.  It is a time of rhythm and growth.  A time, when one can truly see the sacred in the ordinary everydayness of life, because the everyday is so present and uninterrupted.  The past two weeks have been far from ordinary in one sense.  Daddy has been unexpectedly gone and there has been birthday and PhD celebrating.  But, perhaps because Daddy has been away, my days have been more full of the 'ordinary' things than normal - bedtimes, baths, meal preparation, and lots of diaper changing.   But, I do believe it is when I'm surrounded with these normal (and somewhat mundane) things that there is the greatest potential for gratitude.  The greatest desire to find the sacred in the everyday.

So, starting tomorrow, I will bring you a week of extra{ordinary} moments.  You will be invited to leave a link to an extra{ordinary} moment of your own if you wish.


Elisa said...

Wow, it's hard to see the kids playing against that fabulous backdrop of mountains and see the words, "ordinary time". . So beautiful! But I know what you mean, the ordinary time gives us a moment to stop and catch our breath and see the extraordinary in the everyday.

Laura Wingard-Plank said...

Beautiful header picture with Jonah in cape amid the mountains! And I love that overflowing photo of your lettuce greens-splendidly green!

Watkins said...

Yes, life in the alps feels anything but ordinary sometimes. The views continue to be breathtaking even after having been here awhile.