Tuesday, June 26


Finding the extra in ordinary time: feel free to leave a link to your own extra{ordinary} moment or thought in the comments.

This little one's faces crack me up; so expressive and full of fun!  The park in Huemoz has filled a few mornings this past week.  It is small, clean, and very quiet.  Right beside the village church, it has a spectacular view of the valley below.


Elisa said...

Oh what a face!! Love it. I love how big the eyes are on very young children. It seems so appropriate that they are so wide eyed both physically and poetically. They see the worldt thru such big eyes, taking everything in. So sad that as we grow older and our eyes become more proportional with our faces, they seem to shrink and with that our ability to see the world .

suewatkins said...

And I love that he has his cape on! You never know what adventure will happen!