Thursday, May 17

Little Laughter

Our wee boy is aptly named.  He laughs so easily much to our delight!  

I took these pictures to have record of him in this mama-made vest.  Do you remember this?  Yep, on our visit to L'abri, over a year and a half ago, I finished off this vest for Rowan.  I love the fact that at the time I was disappointed because it didn't have any growing room and Rowan wouldn't get to wear it very long, but I comforted myself with the though that another baby might wear it... and here he is!

And for those of you who know my Jim, doesn't he look like his Daddy?  It is really rather striking.  His eyes even crinkle the same way Jim's do when he laughs.  I love that!


Featherglen said...

Impossible not to be cheered by this giggly little chap!

suewatkins said...

Toes pictured make me laugh! What a fun little boy! Can't wait to spend time with him. And yes, I think he looks like Jim as well.. That is so cute that his eyes crinkle just like Jim's

The Egan Family said...

Such a cutie, and yes - the resemblance to his dad is uncanny!