Wednesday, May 16

Snow Day! In May!

Well, I was all ready to write a post on the little green shoots in our garden today when I woke up to this...


And now, I'm just hoping that my little green shoots survive the day!  We had a fun snow day with some embroidery by wee hands, some painting, some Heidi reading, some cookie eating, and of course, some running around in the snow!

While the boys embroidered I finished off this snow child that I started back in winter and then was set aside while preparing for the move.  She wasn't supposed to be coming to Switzerland, but somehow missed the shipment to the states, so I tucked her in with my craft supplies and was glad today that I had a snow child to celebrate this unexpected snow.

Unexpected indeed!  Yes, yesterday, my baby had no trousers and I was lathering sunscreen on my wee men (proof below) and now I'm watching flakes fall outside my window.

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Laura said...

What a fun day! What could be better than baked goods, textile arts, and Heidi read so close to her setting! And I hope your sprouts survived the snow!

I just finished bathing both my babes after discovering that Vera Rose (as mentioned in my previous comment) had knocked over the garbage. I found her covered from head to toe in food stuffs so a bath was the only solution! I love reading your blog but it's an adventure what the girls do while I'm doing so. Now, I hear Liliana up to something in the kitchen...ok, caught her in time before the cupboards were totally emptied. Happy snow day!