Sunday, May 20

A Late Ascension Day

Ascension day was Thursday, but we didn't get around to celebrating until today (to be perfectly honest I forgot about it until I realized the stores were closed Thursday as Ascension day is a recognized holiday here.)  We've been doing Godly Plays with the boys on Sunday mornings out of Following Jesus by Sonja Stewart (I love her scripts for little ones!) and this morning's script was Jesus telling Peter to 'feed my sheep'.  I didn't want to pass up that script, so we did that in the morning (thus the boat in the picture) and then shared ascension day cake this afternoon while we read a few verses (Luke 24) and talked about Jesus now being at the right hand of the father.  The celebration was late, simple and wonderful.  Flexibility is a lovely thing!

Note: The Cake was chocolate with a whipped cream and cream cheese icing.  In the past - see here - I've made the cake to look like a hill and then acted out the story, but I didn't have food coloring, so we went with a 'cloud cake'.

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