Tuesday, December 13

It is December

December means making to me... making garlands, cookies, presents, cards, traditions, tree decorations, fudge, and wrappings.  This year, my making is taking a backseat to caring for a newborn and two little boys while daddy tries to finish his thesis up (oh, we are so so close!)

Friday night I found a large package in our shed that had been left during the day.  Grandma had sent a box of craft supplies.  Wooden beads, postboard letters, wooden ornaments, paint, shell beads, twine, two sided scrapbook paper were all waiting to be made into something!  So Monday morning Rowan and I redd up the school room table, covered it with white paper and I set out all the new craft supplies, some that Jim's parents brought last month, the salt-dough ornaments the boys made Sunday and a few basics.  

We've spent the past two days at the table.  Jonah is beading up a storm, Rowan is painting and painting and painting, and I've been stringing popcorn for our tree.  It isn't the crafting I normally find myself doing in December, but it is delightful to be joining in with my two older boys and making together!


suewatkins said...

Wow! Looks like everyone is having lots of fun! Show pictures of the finished projects. Looking forward to seeing what was created.

Laura said...

Looks like you're having fun! We too have had such fun making paper chain garland, star garland, etc. Christmas is so fun! Glad to see such artists at work!