Monday, December 12

Getting to Know You...

Wee babies are a bit mysterious.  These first weeks I find myself wondering "who are you?" often as I snuggle my wee babe.   

Isaac is a pretty content little guy, but also often hungry!  He is quiet and very intense about looking around when he's awake, but overall he is pretty sleepy.  And so far, when I read him books he manages to turn around to watch me reading instead of watching the pages.  So that is a little of what I know about this little guy at two weeks old and I'm so eager to watch him grow and to get to know him in the coming weeks; he is such a snugly little mystery.

And the baby mug shot (We are going to Edinburgh Wednesday to get his passport and citizenship paperwork done.)


EricaG said...

Oh my. I just love newborns. He is precious, Emily!

Laura said...

Oh, I just want to pick him up and snuggle him! Newborns are so makes me realize that Vera Rose at 7 months is so not a newborn anymore. How you must love to hold him!