Friday, December 9

Be Still

Each afternoon this week, I've found myself sitting in my rocker with a sleepy babe for a couple hours.  He needs to nurse, but keeps falling asleep.  Rowan is napping and Jonah is listening to audiobooks and doing workbooks.  I sit there and eventually think "there are so many things I need to get done" and then I tell myself "No, this is exactly what I need to get done."  I snuggle my wee babe on my chest and feel his soft hair against my chin.  I smell his sweet scent and feel his small body inhale and exhale.  I remind myself to be still.  It is so hard and so good.

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Laura said...

I can't think of a more wonderful activity than holding that sweet babe! So glad that you've found the opportunity to be able to spend "still" time with Isaac even though you have two other little ones! And there couldn't be a more precious photo than the one you've just shared! Simply beautiful. Vera Rose has had a temperature and been under the weather this week so I've had to spend a lot of time rocking and snuggling her close just so in order to help her stop crying and I've also caught myself thinking, oh, I'd like to be doing something else and then checking myself with, "but isn't this a wonderful activity to be holding my sweet babe?" Sometimes it takes a lot of reminding, though, when your back and neck start hurting and supper is very far from the table, though! :) Keep enjoying your little sweetheart! I miss you!