Monday, December 19

Edinburgh Outing

Last Wednesday, between sick days (we've all had a 24 hour bug in the past week and in four different 24 hour periods) we made it to Edinburgh to apply for Isaac's US citizenship and passport.  While we were in the city the Christmas markets beckoned and we had to take Isaac on his first trip to an art gallery.  The market was fun and the boys loved each picking a ride to try.  Hot chocolate in the gallery cafe while I nursed a very cooperative babe (he slept in his wrap the whole time, except to feed!) was delectable!  And, Rowan and Jonah were so excited to find baby Jesus fourteen times in pictures throughout the main floor of the gallery!  Jonah rode his first (mini) roller-coaster and the older boys were delighted with the train ride.  Overall, it was a successful outing with three children (my, oh my three seems like a lot these days, but two used to seem like plenty too...)


suewatkins said...

Congrats on taking three boys! And you got Isaac's papers all done too?

The Christmas market looks like so much fun. Wish I could have been there with you all!

Laura said...

I feel so lucky to have had a glimpse at a European Christmas market! What fun those rides are, too! And so glad that you are all feeling better and that little Isaac was so blissfully sleepy during your outing--that is always such a happy moment when you realize that all has gone smoothly when you are taking along the huge variable of a baby! And I love those Scottish art galleries--wish I could have been there, too!