Wednesday, November 16

A Spot for Mama and her Babes

In the past week 'my spot' has emerged.  You may remember my spot on the sunporch in the last house when Rowan was born.  This time Mama's spot revolves around my rocker again, but is in a corner of our room by the window and the heater.  I wanted it to be a spot for the baby and I, but also a spot where my other babes felt welcome.  So we added a wicker chair (a cushion for this would be nice...) and a bunch of books to read with Mr. 2 and a few read alouds to share with Mr. 5.

There are also some books for mama around and some handwork to be done while feeding.  Over the weekend a few friends gathered to bless this transition into motherhood and they brought along things for 'an alter' and to help in labor.  So I now have a palm cross, candles, stones, prayer cards, poems, incense, lavender spray, and other goodies.. all tucked around my little spot.  Reminding me to be still, reminding me of some very lovely friends, and reminding me of the bigger story this birth and our lives are part of.

It is truly a spot to just be and I already love grabbing a few moments there during the day, often holding my cross and trying to be still.

And over the weekend I finished up a quilt for Mama and her babes.  The fun flannel is from Anna Maria Horner's Good Folks Line.  It is two layers of flannel and a layer of cotton batting, so it is warm and a square just the right size to fit over mama's lap and a babe (0, 2, or 5).

Note: On the wicker chair in the photo are our collection of 'getting ready for baby' books.  Some are about the entrance of a new baby, but others are simply about babies and Rowan and I have been spending lots of time with this stack in the past few weeks.  A few of our favorites are There's Going to be a Baby by John Burningham, Hello Baby by Jenni Overend, Baby Dear (now titled The New Baby) by Esther Wilkin, All the Places to Love by Patricia MacLachlan, The Baby's Catalogue by Janet and Allan Ahlberg, The Baby Who Wouldn't Go to Bed by Helen Cooper, Babies by Gyo Fujikawa, and Everywhere Babies by Susan Meyers


EricaG said...

This is a beautiful post, Emily. I hope to make a special spot in our new home. Love this!

Laura said...

What a lovely nook for you and your babes! The quilt is gorgeous and looks so warm and cozy! Loved your book selections--Burningham and Overend are the only ones I don't own so I wholeheartedly agree that those are all great. Liliana especially loves when I read Eloise Wilkin books and The Very Little Girl by Phyllis Krasilovsky because Liliana continually listens to the story/runs to kiss her baby sister over and over throughout the readings which I LOVE. Best wishes and prayers for an easy delivery! I can't wait to hear about my nephew #8! I love you!!

The Egan Family said...

Just wanted to take a moment to say thanks for going to the trouble of posting the titles and authors (and links to) the books you love! I always appreciate new ideas or reminders of old books I've forgotten about. Gyo Fujikawa's "Babies" stirred up memories from my own childhood! Hope the library still has it. :-)

Watkins said...

Erica, I do hope you find a spot in your new home... it is so peaceful to have a place to just be.

Laura, Oh, I wish I could give Liliana and Vera some hugs and kisses... they are so sweet. I can imagine Liliana loving on baby sister and it makes me so happy!

Kristin, You are very welcome. It is always fun to share book ideas! I have to admit I do it for my own benefit too, so I can go back and look at the post later. "Babies" by Gyo Fujikawa is one I read as a child too and Rowan loves the 'naughty' page, just as he loves the 'accidents' page in Allsberg's baby catalogue... so funny to a two year old!