Monday, November 14

With Gratitude for Autumn Walks

It has been a mild November, perfect for lots of Autumn walks.  These boys of mine need a walk every day or by the end of the day we are all feeling it.  That isn't to say there aren't exceptions, but it is true that the more time they've spent outside the happier they are (even if they would rather stay in and read a book - a daily occurrence... and sometimes a bit of a battle around here).

I've been so grateful for our walks the past couple weeks.  The colors, the smell and the crunch of Autumn are all so wonderful.  But, I've also been working really hard to just soak in these two 'big boys' of mine; their smiles, discoveries, sense of wonder, drive for adventure and sheer silliness at times. 


Rebekah said...

So lovely!

Laura said...

I wish I was there so we could take a walk together! My girls would love spending time with their cousins and dear Auntie!