Tuesday, October 13

Life in the sunporch

Grandma and Granddad gave us money for the baby and we bought this glider. It has been amazing. I promised myself after killing my back nursing Jonah on our bed and ridiculously uncomfortable futon last time around, that with baby number two I would have somewhere comfortable to sit. After watching the auction all I could this summer and asking around, we still couldn't find a used glider or rocker, so we found an inexpensive one on amazon.co.uk and took a risk. I've been imagining the sun porch as a little escape - it stays so warm on the porch and the light is great. So last Wednesday I assembled the glider and brought stacks of books (both for me and the boys) and it has become our new spot to just be.
I've been reading the Psalms for Bible study, Handmade Home by Amanda Blake Soule (thanks Jeremy and Emily - this was my birthday book), Watership Down by Richard Adams, and Celebrating the Christian Year by Martha Zimmerman so far.

Rowan has been napping there in the sun to clear up the little bit of jaundice. It was very slight and a couple days in the sun took care of it. He was given the all clear today.

Jonah and Daddy have been enjoying Jonah's new golf set Jim's grandparents sent Jonah as a big brother gift. I enjoy watching while I feed Rowan and read my book in silence :o)

Add a few plants and some wall hangings and this may be my favorite spot in the house.


Lynn said...

loved, loved, LOVED my glider through nursing both of my kiddos. We spent many, many hours there and still do, reading, reading, reading.
Rowan is absolutely adorable and the sibling love is even more so.
Watching my own two 'babies' together . . . there is just nothing quite like it.

Sarah said...

this looks like such a peaceful, idyllic spot. I love it - and even more, I love Rowan's name and all the meaning it has! (most of which I didn't know until your post on his name.) I'm so glad everything has gone well, and you are settling in with your new babe.