Thursday, October 8

Big Brother

We are so happy that Jonah LOVES Rowan. He is constantly kissing, hugging, and holding him. He loves showing Rowan things - like the park, or toys or books. He calls Rowan either "Rowan Blaine" or "my baby".
Daddy teaches Jonah how to change a diaper on his new doll - who does not have a name. "Rowan Blaine is my favorite name, but my baby doesn't have a name"
Mama and Jonah wearing their babies.
Two sweet boys!


praying for maren said...

Sweet. I love how Rowan Blaine is Jonah's favorite name. Too cute.

Stolitza Family Fun Times said...

What sweet boys. Brings back good memories. Wish I was closer I would love to give them a hug, read them a book and do a puzzle with Jonah.