Tuesday, August 23

Home Again

 It was wonderful to be with family, but it is also so good to be home!  I love cooking in my own kitchen, seeing the new fabric for the boys fall trousers (among other things) stacked on the fabric dresser, wooden toys waiting to be painted and waxed (my uncle lent me a scroll saw when I was home and I'm totally enamored with this new hobby of mine!), and a few more projects waiting around for time and creative energy to come (jet lag has certainly zapped the later).

And after arriving Saturday night we were up early the next morning to go to our Godson's baptism at the beach before hurrying off to church where I led the story of Jonah for the young church.  We are so excited to be godparents and Samuel is the sweetest little man I can imagine.  The baptism was the most beautiful I've ever been too, set against the backdrop of the North Sea, which we all waded into while scriptures about the sea were read!

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