Friday, August 19

Right Now::

:: I'm sitting in the airport waiting for a delayed flight - we've been rather unlucky this trip with flights, but at least nothing is cancelled this time and we have a chance of making our next connection.

:: I'm watching Rowan delight in all the airplanes taking off outside the window.  And I'm smiling as he names all the different vehicles and his whole body dances as he makes airplane sounds.  (Oh, and I highly recommend the Usborne "50 Things to Spot at an Airport Cards" they have been hours of fun over the past few weeks.)

:: I'm smiling at the made-by-mom bag filled with books from a surprise baby shower that was all about books a couple nights ago.  Such fun books to share as a family and such a wonderful time to celebrate this coming babe with family and family friends.  Oh, and did I mention that there were some sewing books for me in the mix of gifted books... I'll share more from them soon I hope; I'm feeling inspired!

:: I'm feeling like we are in the home stretch.  Our time in St. Andrews and time for thesis submission are all a matter of months now... oh, we've loved this adventure, but I'm ready to be done.

:: I'm thinking I should give Jim a chance to check his blog.  There have been some really fun post lately.  I highly recommend Philip Ryken's post (president of Wheaton College - our alma mater) on Art in higher education and the video of Aaron Belz's poetry reading is highly entertaining.


EricaG said...

I hope you had a comfortable flight.

Watkins said...

Thanks Erica. It was long (we did miss our connection), but we are here now and working to get over jet-lag.