Thursday, August 25

A Doll for Vera Rose

When we were home I finished up a doll for my littlest niece - Vera Rose.  She is oh so soft and huggable, filled with organic wool.  There are some more of these soft dolls in my sewing future.  Though, she isn't nearly so sweet to hold as Vera Rose herself - oh, such a sweet baby girl! 

Sewing Note: The body and hat are from Anna Marie Horner's Folksy Flannels.  The face fabric and stuffing are from Myriad toys, which has a great doll making section (not to mention tons of other amazing toys.)


Jenny said...

Is that squash she's snuggled up with? lol!!! She's adorable! I just made my first waldorf doll and am THRILLED with it. All that's left is to add the hair, which I'm waiting to arrive in the mail. She's for Felicity's 4th birthday and I can not wait to give it to her. I'll post pics soon. Happy crafting!

Watkins said...

Yes, she is snuggled with some enormous squash from my parent's garden. I can't wait to see your doll. Adding hair to the full sized dolls is my favorite part.

Laura said...

And this special doll will be such a dear friend to my Vera Rose! She already loves it when Liliana holds it up to show her her equisite doll! Thank you dear sister!