Friday, August 26

Fun at my Fair

 Yes, I think of the Dayton County Fair as my fair.  After all, I spent the week there every year for as long as I could remember.  I showed my first sheep when I was four and was the Dayton Fair Queen before I headed off for college.  I have such fond memories of this place; the time spent with my Dad working with our animals and discussing showmanship techniques, my great-aunts pies, an afternoon every year on fun rides, and heading to the building to see what ribbons my sewing, cooking and baking had won.  Oh, I love this place!

I couldn't help myself as Jonah and I sat watching sheep showmanship; I just had to tell him what they were doing wrong and what the techniques are for correct showmanship.  It made me wonder if there will there be 4-H lamb projects in our future - this mama hopes so.

My dad and I reflected as we watched the 4-Hers running around on their busy show day how some of the happiest memories in life involve a lot of work.  I loved the work of the fair: baking, making, showing...  The things I still love in life - I guess some things never change, or maybe, it is that one can learn to love certain work and never forgets that lesson.  Either way, the fair felt like home and I do hope there is a county fair for my boys to feel at home at in our family's future.

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EricaG said...

Oh, Emily! Thank you for sharing this beautiful look into my home as well. I needed something familiar.