Monday, June 27

Mediaeval Pageant and Banquet

St. Andrews University is celebrating its 600th anniversary.  There are all sorts of plans for the coming three years (there is dispute on exactly what year the university was founded, so they are just celebrating for all three years).  This year is devoted to respecting the past and the university hosted a mediaeval banquet.  We happily took part.

We shared the meal with friends - four other couples and our 15 children (18 if you count the unborn babes we're expecting).


The Egan Family said...

I heard this was happening and I'm so glad you went! I also loved seeing old friends in the photos! I'm curious - who are the other expectant mums??

suewatkins said...

what a fun time! Jonah has the stances of a true knight Great sword play!

Watkins said...

The 3 mums in the front row are pregnant.

And Jonah did love the sword play - perhaps fencing lessons are in our future.