Wednesday, June 29

Getting Just a Little Bit Ready...

Well, we're half way there (though my, oh my, I'm pretty sure my bump wasn't this big till about seven months with Jonah) and I'm beginning to emerge from a somewhat rough and long first trimester.  I know technically I've been done with the first trimester for a while, but with my first two pregnancies all the tiredness and morning stomach-emptyings magically disappeared at 14 weeks.   Here we are at twenty and I am finally beginning to feel a bit more normal, though my energy level still has a ways to go.

When we moved into this home almost a month ago now there was a little dresser in our room that became baby's and I'm loving this nook that reminds me that we are waiting.  A few blankets and some tiny clothes my Mom and Sister chose for baby sit there waiting (are babies really that small?  I seem to have forgotten).

To be perfectly honest it is really just sinking in that we are going to have a baby.  These first little kicks the ever-growing bump are forcing me to emerge from my sleepy haze and realize there is a baby coming to us.  Oh, there is some preparation to be done, but this time more than the others I feel in no rush to get to the end, and I also have no great 'to do' lists in the mean time (though that may change if we find that we need some little dresses sewn and leg warmers knitted).  It is good to be waiting.

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