Saturday, May 21

Right Now I'm...

:: Listening to the rain pattering on the roof and thinking that a cup of tea would be nice.

:: Getting ready to move on the first.  I'm sad to leave this home, but am excited that we will be a mile closer to town.  I'm also planning out how the new house will work for us - this is the part of moving I love.  If we could just get to the first with everything clean that would be great!
 ::Taking it as it comes...Yes, right now my glider is in the bathtub and furniture is stacked throughout the house while we steam clean the carpets.

:: Sighing. For, at least, my carpets are looking clean, despite the rest of the house being in slight chaos.  

:: Enjoying hearing Jonah laugh out loud as he sits and reads 'Famous Five' mysteries by Enid Blyton.

:: Loving that Rowan often grabs a chapter book and sits beside Jonah pretending to read for long periods of time.

:: Enjoying the fresh tastes of spring.  Zucchini and fresh salad greens are staples right now.  (above: Polenta Pie from The Moosewood Cookbook)

:: Feeling grateful for a sick day yesterday - not so grateful that I was sick, but very grateful that Jim stayed home and I had toast and tea in bed while watching Middlemarch much of the day.  I haven't had a sick day like that since I was living at home... and it was so nice not to push through the day miserably.

:: Remembering a bike ride to town with Rowan on his seat in front of me before dinner.  He sang all the way "Away, Away, Away.  Sep-herd. Away"  (We've been singing the song "The Lord is my Shepherd a lot lately and he loves to sing his little version.)

:: Planning our first year of homeschooling.  We will start this summer (a couple days a week) and take a huge break around baby's arrival and the holidays.   Oh, it is really fun to plan as the books arrive and I think of the time I'll get to spend with my boys sharing stories and learning so intentionally.

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Leslie said...

I love the feeling that I get for your life when I read this post. I was especially excited to read that you were watching Middlemarch! My husband and I just finished episode 2 - we are watching it for the second time. The first was when my 15 year old would wake up in the middle of the night to nurse! Its a small world...