Monday, May 16

Sewing on his own

Jonah wanted to help me sew the other day, but, for the first time, he wanted to work the pedal on his own.  Mama was nervous, but then I remembered that I made my mom an apron on her sewing machine without her knowing when I was a couple months younger than Jonah.  

Oh Mom, you were so brave.  Were you really okay with me using your machine on my own?  I don't remember thinking that I shouldn't be using it... I do remember picking the yellow fabrics to make the apron and cutting all the pieces and being so excited about giving it to her on mothers day.  I also remember that her response was to cry - which confused me at four, but makes so much sense now.   She still has that yellow apron with its five-foot long ties, tiny pocket and unfinished edges tucked in her apron drawer (at least she did last time I checked).

I'm rather protective of my machine and hovered by Jonah as he sewed a bag for a card he made a friend.  he wanted to try all the fancy stitches and even made a buttonhole.   He's gotten quite good at managing the presser foot and back stitch over the past couple years of hopping on Mum's lap when I'm sewing, but this was definitely taking it to a new level and it was fun to see him learning this skill that is so important to me.


suewatkins said...

I love that! As usual I am overwhelmed with the giftedness of my grandson. :) And the bag came out great!!

Leslie said...

The bag is beautiful! Almost as cute as the pictures of your little guys hand on the machine and his foot on the pedal! Love it!