Thursday, April 14

The Buggy Makeover

When Jonah was born Jim and I were determined to buy one buggy that would last through all our kids. And I don't know if our buggy will accomplish this feat, but I do believe we are well on our way.  We are on our third set of tires (we've worn them all bald) and I'm pretty sure we have been through several sets of tire tubes too, but for a buggy that is five years old, has hiked through much of western Europe with us, and been our main mode of transport for three years that isn't too bad.  But then, over the past year we've noticed a couple other problems: the seat had a couple little holes, the hood had mold stains (I had killed the mold, but the black dots were there for good) and the basket underneath was literally in tatters (I knew it was bad when a full sized milk jug fell through a hole).  

So we ordered a new seat from the stroller company (it just snaps on) and I took a little trip to IKEA to buy some inexpensive home deco fabric.  I tore apart the hood and the basket and used those bits for patterns and here it is...   the new and improved Mountain Buggy.  I think I'll miss the bright red eventually, but I was ready for something different and we'll never have a stroller mix-up - ours is now one-of-a-kind :o)
There is a dream (and enough fabric) to make a seat liner and matching diaper bag with stroller straps, but that might be a while... so much to sew and so little time.


Anna said...

lookin' good!

Jenny said...

Its wonderful! Good job mama! I tried to do the same thing with our beloved Peg Perego. It was THE perfect stroller for us but also had many miles. I was proud of myself when I disassembled it all and removed the chair pad. It just needed a good washing and I had planned to replace the basket and hood. But in the washer, the whole chair pad shreaded to pieces! ??? So that was the end of that project. :( I didn't even think to contact the company to order new pieces. Guess all our future kids will just have the umbrella stroller. But its a good one.

suewatkins said...

It looks great! I love it! What do the boys think?

Watkins said...

The boys made no comment once it was done. Rowan was rather disturbed when he saw me disassembling it, but once it was serviceable it was okay.