Tuesday, January 25

A Belated Birthday

Hmmm, Christmas holidays seem so long ago and I have one more batch of projects to share that were made over that wonderful stretch of time (have I mentioned before that it would be great if Jim never worked?)  The following are for my sister's birthday gift, now sent (though only just this morning).  My new years resolution was to write birthday letters and send gifts to all our family and if possible on time.  Well, her birthday was the third of January and I'm just getting this sent off, but I really am trying to get the birthday thing organized (more on that soon).  So Laura, if you are reading this, consider this a sneak preview of your belated birthday gift - it will be there soon :o)
 These little gnomes were inspired by these on peasandcarrots.  So fun to make.  I added pipe cleaners in the hats so you can make them bend.  Jonah made the little boy (though I sewed his hat and scarf) and another one that is on our window sill showing off beautiful splotches of color.
This little snail is from the book Feltcraft, which I've been stitching from quite a bit lately, and I made a second one for our nature table, because I love snails.
 This headband is from Weekend Sewing (one of my favorite sewing books) and I again made two because I love it and wanted a bit of this unicorn fabric (by Heather Ross) to wear.

So as you can see my sister's gift had a bit of a fairy tale theme, and as last year I made her the princess and the pea set - it may just be a tradition.  Hooray for a sister who loves fairy tales as much as I do (or maybe even more).

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Laura said...

Those truly were glorious gifts! And extra special since they were made by use (with some help from a wee boy)! Thanks so much and hurray for sewing, hurray for beautiful fabrics and craftsmanship and hurray for fairytales!