Thursday, January 27

A Best Friend's Birthday

It is really wonderful to watch Jonah forming friendships.  It is interesting to see how the friendships grow and how there are some children that just click (I suppose this isn't just with children, but I think seeing it happen so young is fascinating.)  Jonah is blessed with several wonderful friends (who all have delightful mothers - a bonus for me!); but for the first time, Jonah would say he has a 'best friend' and I do think they are something of kindred spirits.  It is sweet and so much fun to watch.  

So when this little guy, who Jonah loves so much, was turning five Jonah wanted to celebrate (and so did I).  So we put together a simple birthday lunch to celebrate his 'best-friend'.

(unfortunately I didn't take any pictures while we had tea - I forgot, but here is the set up.)

And for the gift - a 'Best Friend Apron' (you'll be seeing more of these soon for my boys - hopefully for valentines day).  I'm sure someone has thought of this before, but I used elastic for the neck so that the child can put it on themselves with out tying or tightening.  But the pockets are what make it something special.  I asked Jonah to draw a picture of he and Henry with a water soluble pen.  He began and then said, "I'm making balloons instead.  How do you spell Balloons?"  He chose colors for his balloons and I did the stitching.  I made the H and sewed it up the night before - sorry for the poor photo quality, but that's what I get for procrastinating.  It is a pretty bright purple check, but you can't tell from the photos.

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