Monday, January 24

My Littlest Artist

This is where you will find Rowan for long periods of time, multiple times a day.  He colors, paints, and draws.  He spills water, eats crayons (bees wax) and sucks on paint brushes (he only uses water or vegetable based watercolors until he breaks this habit).  And he is oh, so happy.  He loves exploring raw materials - blocks, yarn, art supplies and anything he can find in the kitchen (flour, beans, dry pasta...)  Had Rowan been my first child I would have thought all children were this into materials and working with their hands (after all, I am), but I know from experience that they are not (Jonah typically spent more time organizing and reorganizing his crayons than coloring when he was one).  I know these things shift and change, but for now, Rowan is my wee artist: loving and exploring his materials, intentionally marking and making, becoming totally absorbed in creating.  And I'm loving it.

note: Rowan is just using water on sugar (construction) paper in these photos and it works really well.  He's happy and it isn't messy... well, at least not very messy.


Sue said...

Gammy loves these pictures!! And I love it that Rowan is so into art!!

Kristy D. said...

I love these pictures too! Rowan is so very adorable!

EricaG said...

Oh my, oh my! These pictures are wonderful. We are also on a painting kick in our house.