Monday, January 10

Back to Ordinary Time

Well, we took down the advent journey on the mantle and Jonah and I were feeling a bit sad, so I decided it was time to make another ordinary time collection.  I love doing this (the first time we did it was here) and Jonah loves playing 'I Spy' with the collection.  He also loves adding one object of another color, which he and Rowan both find hysterically funny (though I think Rowan is laughing at Jonah and not the color variation).  We gather the ordinary green things of our days reminding ourselves that we are in ordinary time.  In placing these things apart I am reminded that even the ordinary can be made special and isn't that what it means to be fully human - to be made God's priests so we can voice creation's praise?

This great green growing time is always a breath to a mama who works hard to teach, share and celebrate in the festivals.  The last few days we've been tidying up, organizing a bit, and finding a new normal rhythm.  Oh, there are adventures to be had, things to be made, moments to share in ordinary time, but for now, I'm just taking deep breaths, drinking lots of tea and watching the snow fall.

Welcome my friends to another lovely stretch of ordinary time.

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