Sunday, January 9

The Finished Quilt

One of my goals while Jim was off was to finish my quilt for our bed.  I finished piecing it at the end of last summer, but needed a full half day with out help from little boys so that I could lay it out and baste it before it was crawled, rolled or jumped on (see below).  So over the break the boys played outside and then upstairs while I tied off the quilt.  (I would really like to truly quilt it, but decided that efficiency was key right now.)  I finished it that night after bedtimes.  
 Did you know that rolling on something is the best way to get all the wrinkles out?  I was informed of this fact and then given a demonstration.  
Jonah liked playing 'hard hopscotch' on the quilt top.  See why I needed no little boys if I was to keep three layers flat?
 And here it is finished (though not ironed) with a 'I just woke up from my nap baby'.
I used old sheets for all the spacing fabric and the back of the quilt.

 I like this quilt, but I don't love it.  I like it best when it is all rumpled in the morning and the fabrics (Anna Marie Horner's Good Folks) lay next to each other.  They are so vibrant and beautiful beside each other.  I had originally planned on just making squares of the fabric together, but didn't have enough to make a quilt big enough for our bed.  But mostly I'm just grateful to have a homemade quilt on our bed.  I added some candles to our night stands and am glad that our room is no longer the overlooked room of the house (though it certainly isn't anything grand).  It was last spring that I decided we needed a quilt; in these days that are so filled for Jim and me with the demands of parenting wee children, the quilt seems like a very tangible way of caring for us.


EricaG said...

Beautiful! And I love how important this project was for "caring for" you and your husband.

Lucy said...

I love it! I think, like with a Grandmother's garden quilt, the white space lets the colours pop so much and the patterns stand alone as little works of art. Long may it snuggle you.

The Egan Family said...

The quilt is beautiful! And your bed is huge for a Scottish rental! I guess that's an upside of having to make such a big quilt. :-)

Watkins said...

Thanks all.

The bed is big - but doesn't always feel that way by morning when there are four of us in it :o)