Thursday, January 13

Embracing Winter

This winter has been hard on me.  I'm an extrovert by nature, which doesn't mean I'm crazy about parties or meeting strangers, but I do generally gain energy from exploring new places and engaging in thoughtful conversation.  Just being in town, going on a hike, looking at store windows or running into a friend can be life-giving.
The icy sidewalks and snowy paths have made it very difficult for four year old legs (and impossible for the buggy board) to make it into town.  And the boys don't last long outside in the cold, despite my efforts to bundle them in copious layers.  We have spent day after day inside with just wee walks through the yard and to the woods across the street.  We have plenty to do, but sometimes the days and less-than-ideal nights (sleep baby sleep!) seem to all merge together and I long for the sunshine to break through the darkness.  

Tonight it was still light when Jim came home at four (though just barely) and I rejoiced, welcoming a few extra moments of sunlight.  But, I also hung paper snowflakes in our window today and have gathered all our favorite winter books in the last few days.   Between celebrating each small gain in sun and embracing the beauty and mystery of winter  I think we may just make it through these long nights and short days.  

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