Saturday, November 6

Thanks Giving: A Swiss Adventure

Day 6 - A November discipline of giving thanks each day.

Thankful for Adventures

We are headed to Switzerland today.  We'll be spending a week at L'Abri, which is a dream Jim and I have shared for quite some time.  Jim is giving a couple lectures and we are hoping to be involved in community life as much as we are able with the boys in tow.  I do love the European adventures that seem to find us in this place. 

As always when we travel, we are doing some reading to get ready.  A Bell for Ursli is a beautiful book about the spring celebration in Switzerland where the boys ring traditional swiss cow bells through the town to help bring the spring.   We also just found Florina and the Wild Birds, which is about Ursli's sister.  They are both translated from German.  We also found Heidi in the library to take along for some reading!  And I'm enjoying Heidi's Alp: One Family's Adventure to Find Storybook Europe.

Oh, but because this trip was planned in the past couple weeks and I had already decided to do a post each day of November on something that I'm thankful for, there will be posts (already written as we won't have internet) that will arrive each day of next week.  And I'll be here the following week with a picture of my favorite mountains that I am so thankful for!

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alison said...

Have a wonderful time at L'Abri! My sister, Courtney, spent 1.5 years there and had a wonderful time! A couple of my high school friends have been there as well.