Sunday, November 7

Thanks Giving: Our Weekly Bread

Day 7 - A November discipline of giving thanks each day.

Giving Thanks for our Daily Weekly Bread

I read blogs where women make bread each morning and I admire them, but for now I try to make bread every Monday and maybe a loaf of no-kneed bread later in the week (if we are lucky).  For a while I made the fermented whole grain bread from Feeding the Whole Family each week, and while I know I'll come back to that goodness, for the past two months I've been trying out a different bread each week.  I love feeding homemade whole-grain bread to the boys; it is good to know it is free of anything but the simplest ingredients.  I enjoy telling stories while I kneed the bread, because I love knowing that the boys are seeing how their food is made. 

 I still remember coming home from school to my mom's homemade bread and the feeling of warmth and goodness (buttery goodness!).  I am so grateful that I was taught how to make bread and that I knew where my food came from; so much was canned, frozen and butchered off the farm.  I want my boys to share this and right now, we can't keep livestock or grow a large garden, but in making bread each week I feel like I am pulling us a little bit closer to the source of our food, and for now, that is good enough.

This loaf is Oatmeal Bread from More with Less

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The Egan Family said...

That looks delicious! Would you mind sharing the recipe for the Oatmeal Bread? I have been enjoying that variety lately, but only store-bought. Love to try it myself.