Friday, November 5

Thanks Giving: Jonah's Magazines

Day 5 - A November Discipline of giving thanks each day.

Jim's Grammy sends Jonah two magazine subscriptions (Your Big Backyard and National Geographic Little Kids) and I am so grateful every time I see one in the heap of mail.  Normally it comes during his rest time, or just before and I have it waiting when he comes down.  Lately I then have his 'work' for the day share the theme of the magazine and I try to have something set out for Rowan to look at too.  We read through the magazine (at least twice) and then when daddy comes home it is read again... and again... and again.  New things to learn, activities to try and time we all enjoy - definitely something to be grateful for!
 With the arrival of this owl themed magazine we read Owl Moon, Owl Babies, and Peek-a-who.  We drew owls and did mazes to help the owl find his home.
Rowan's little owl stack

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EricaG said...

We adore Owl Babies in this house!