Thursday, November 18

Thanks Giving: Snow

Day 18 - A November discipline of giving thanks each day

We took a train up into the mountains and powdery snow on our 'day off' at L'Abri.  It was such fun.  Jonah loved it (despite the fact that after making room for his snow trousers in our one bag we took, I forgot to put them on him this morning.)  Ski season hasn't started yet, so we were pretty much the only people up there, which made it all the more magical.  I miss snow and was so glad to play in it... or maybe I mostly wandered around with a camera, but either way it was fun. 

 Jim and Jonah hiked up this slope.  It was a lot of work and my favorite part was watching the snow that they knocked down roll in little balls making tracks (see photo below.)

So if I sent Christmas cards, which I don't normally (I wrote them, printed them and enveloped them the first two years of our marriage only to throw them away when spring came - thus I gave up) I might just have them made with this photo - could there be a more picturesque place on earth?  Oh, we love Switzerland!


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That high-altitude lake looks magical!