Friday, November 19

Thanks Giving: Hikes, Heidi and Hot Chocolate

Day 19 - A November discipline of giving thanks each day

We enjoyed lots of hikes in the woods behind our Chalet and afterward we'd drink steaming mugs of hot chocolate (the real kind made with milk) and would read Heidi.  I had almost forgotten the story of Heidi and certainly forgot the religious dialog through the story.  I'm usually not a fan of 'preaching' in stories, but Heidi is well done and brought up some interesting discussions with Jonah.

As for the photos below, we went hiking (this day two boys, a camera and one fairly crazy mama hiking up a mountain) and found adventure, told stories and discovered wizard writing on logs  (wizard writing is one of my favorite discoveries from exploring the Fairy Woods behind my childhood home, so I was excited to share it with Jonah.)

Rowan on Daddy's back on another hike up the mountain to Villar

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