Wednesday, November 17

Thanks Giving: Mum's Study Time

Day 17 - A November discipline of giving thanks each day

It is difficult to locate quality Christian books in St Andrews.  The St. Mary's library (the divinity school) has some, but nothing like Regent, Wheaton or even Seattle Puplic library had available.  So a couple afternoons alone with shelves of good books were bliss at L'abri
 And one late afternoon Rowan went down for a second nap and Jonah asked me to read my book out loud to him.  So I read two chapters of Hidden Art (second edition is titled The Hidden Art of Homemaking) by Edith Shaeffer (co-founder of L'abri) and in the middle of the second he was fast asleep.  So I found myself with an uninterrupted hour of reading - oh, such a luxury!

I also managed to finish Radical Homemakers by Shannon Hayes and L'abri by Edith Shaeffer.  And began Liturgy, Laundry and Women's Work by Kathleen Norris.  All very interesting reads.

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Sarah said...

L'Abri and Hidden Art were the two books I read during my study time at L'Abri this summer! Great minds... Looks like fall is gorgeous there!