Wednesday, October 20

My Little Gnome

Well, I finally made the buttonhole and finished this project from the Kid's Clothing Week Challenge last night.  Unfortunately the pants (here) don't fit over large cloth diapers, so I need to add a piece to the back so Rowan can wear the whole outfit.  But, until then, the jacket can be worn with just about anything.  There are a few more photos than you need to see the jacket; but those soft brown waves of hair, the chubby little hands and bright eyes need to be documented, right?

Notes: the fabrics inside are a soft quilting flannel (off white) and the prints are from Anna Marie Horner's Good Folks Line (Oh, I love these prints so!  The print in the cuff and outer bit of hood almost looks like Rowan trees.)  The brown linen is a from a piece I picked up at a coupon (remnant) shop in Paris last summer.  The binding are cottons by Anna Marie Horner.  And lastly, the button was bought at a local knitting shop and is hand made from a branch of cherry.

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