Tuesday, October 19

Garden Update

I'm pleased with our gardening efforts this year.  Oh, it was no grand harvest (certainly not enough to can - I'll keep dreaming about that), but we kept at our few plants.  A simpler lifestyle has helped as watering the plants seemed to just fit into Jim's daily rhythm.  We lost a couple kinds of veggies to slugs and watched all our squash plants fizzle.  We learned a few things. One, start everything indoors in this climate.  Two, figure out how to get the slugs or just forget broccoli and cabbage.  

Our biggest success were the tomatoes.  In September we could see that our 6 foot plant (yes it is really that tall) had a lot of blossoms, but I didn't know how long they would last.  But, they seem to keep coming and we are having a lovely October tomato harvest.  They are small, but so sweet, and I've been eating them straight from the vine.
 And we only planted a few carrots,which Jonah and I dug up today.  They are sweet and tasty - though a bit small.  Jonah and Rowan loved digging them up.  Of course, Rowan grabbed one right out of the ground and stuffed it in him mouth - good thing we don't use any chemicals and dirt has great minerals.

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