Sunday, September 26

KCWC Day 6

Okay, so it is technically day 7, but today was harvest sunday at church and I shared my story with the youth group tonight and haven't sewed a stitch (though I did knit one row). But I finished these trousers late last night for Rowan. They are from a brown linen that I picked up in Paris last summer and are lined with the softest quilting flannel. The inner cuff is Anna Marie Horner's Good Folks flannel and the side panels are her cottons.

It has only been in the past couple years that I've really been enjoying drafting my own patterns and I may just have to make another pair of these trousers. I'll get a picture of them on Rowan once I finish the matching shirt (which is cut out, but I want to draft and cut a gnome hood for it.)


alison said...

The pants are beautiful (& they look comfy)! I prefer working up my own patterns if possible. :) As I have no children yet, I love seeing the things you've come up with.

Watkins said...

I do hope they are comfy. I haven't tried them on him yet, he is so hard to dress right now - quite wriggly!