Thursday, October 7

A Birthday Gift from Brother

It was about a month ago that Jonah saw a Pooh bath mitt in the baby aisle at the grocery store and said "Rowan needs that." So after some discussion on why we weren't buying the acrylic two pound bath mitt, I suggested that Jonah make one for Rowan out of an old towel. He was excited about the idea and chose the shape, picked felt pieces for the face, decided he needed 4 ears and blue horns, and while mum 'steered' he managed the pedal, the presser foot and the back stitch to sew the front and back together. (After laying it out with Jonah, I zig-zagged the face on before our joint sewing.) It was lovely to see Jonah's joy in giving Rowan something he had made and I really am loving collaboration with this little man.

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