Wednesday, October 6

Birthday Celebrating

One is a fun age. I feel like Rowan is more aware and communicative daily. I remember with Jonah that this second year is a marathon of new milestones. I'm so excited; I love this age. I also love the fact that, even thought the last week has been hairy, more sleep is surely coming.
He's standing, climbing stairs and will take his first steps soon. He hugs, pats and kisses. He makes an animal noise for every animal he sees (something like a grunt) with wild enthusiasm. He loves watching big brother and hanging out with Dad; quiet moments with Mum are appreciated in a new way. Brother's little cars, the tractor, his new walker and wooden animals are so much fun to push across the floor making sound effects.

And while so many things are changing as he grows, he continues to laugh easily and is our same jolly boy. So worth celebrating!
I found this Maisy pop-up-farm book at a charity shop some months ago and squirreled it away with thoughts of a farm party. The boys played with it all day yesterday. I also brought in the barn and tractor shed I made (after I finished oogling over the wooden one at Nova Toys) and Jonah finger painted earlier in the summer. (I wish you could see the rainbow Jonah painted the floors.) We hung our cloth birthday banners and I dug out all our farm books (and oh my, there are lots of them!) and we read them all.

The cake was the white birthday cake from Feeding the Whole Family, which is yummy, but you can tell it is sugarless and I was grateful for butter cream frosting between the layers. It was probably the simplest cake I've ever iced, but it did the trick and Rowan loved his first bites of icing... ah sugar, you have entered his world.


The Egan Family said...

Happy Birthday, Rowan! You are such a lovely little man, and you look wonderful in your birthday crown!

Watkins said...

Thanks. - from Rowan
We are looking forward to seeing your wee October man's birthday photos.