Friday, October 8

The Handmade Birthday

As this month's One Small Change we finally made it to a paperless birthday! This month's project was making fabric wrapping bags to be reused at birthdays to come. I also made two of the stuffed Elephants from the book Softies. They were easy to make, but they are pretty silly. I was thinking that I was making one for Rowan and one to give away (I couldn't decide which body fabric I liked better - so decided to try both.) But, they seem like a set and I think they are just our 'birthday elephants' which we will add to our reusable birthday decor.

And for the rest of the homemade:
From the sunporch Rowan received a new bib (see post below), his birthday shirt, a stuffed snake (because he loves to hiss when he sees a snake or we ask him what a snake says), and I was hoping to have his new outfit finished that I started during the Kids Clothing Week Challenge finished, but I think it will be a few more days till I can finish it up (I'm so close!).
And from the Waldorf tradition, we began writing the boys birthday verses this year. Jim wrote Jonah a wonderful three-stanza verse about a robin discovering the world. I wrote Rowan's and it is simple, but easy to say each night before one of us tucks him in.
Child of God - Full of Light
With Jolly Laughs and Smiles so Bright
Know you are Loved as you grow Little Tree
First by God and then by me.


Bending Birches said...

what a bundle of loveliness here!!
and I LOVE the verse.....fantastic!

EricaG said...

I'm lovin' the elephants! The verse idea is really special. I write my boys little birthday letters, maybe next year I'll go for poems.

Watkins said...

I like the poems because we read them each night as a blessing as we tuck them in, but it isn't as in depth as a letter... there are so many lovely ways to care for these sweet boys, oh for the time to do it all :o)