Sunday, September 19

Kids Clothes Week Challenge

KCWC starts tomorrow. The Challenge is hosted by this blog (and there is some great inspiration there - so check it out.) The guidelines are simple: sew kids clothes for one hour a day for the next seven days and see where it gets you.

Unfortunately these last weeks of September are so busy around here as school is about to begin, new students are arriving and others are saying goodbye. We have had something every evening this week and the first half of next week... But, I'm still going to give it a try, though knitting might take over as it is easier to accomplish while watching wee boys play.

The plan is to work on the following...

Rowan's birthday shirt (freezer paper painting and add sleeves)
Rowan's warm gnome hat
Choose yarn and cast on mittens for both boys (or maybe use a felted sweater?)
Knit more of Rowan's grey vest
Baby gifts
Warm pants and kimono for Rowan
Rowan's Birthday Crown
Liliana's Birthday Crown
Jonah's Wizard of Oz cape (halloween)
Rowan's lion costume (halloween)

I realize this list is rather focused on Rowan, but his birthday is in two weeks and I haven't made anything for him yet (though a few things are started) and we aren't buying anything... so I better get going!

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